Aren’t you tired of LinkedIn and Facebook dictating who, when and how you can contact your fellow group members, or even your own personal contacts?


Just like everyone I started using LinkedIn and at first it was fine! But soon after I couldn’t download all my contacts’ info (phones) and none of my group members' info. Then soon enough my group members couldn’t communicate freely together. Since Microsoft added LinkedIn to its monopoly of business networking, it is not anytime soon that free communication in LinkedIn will return.

Beauty Navigator is a business network dedicated to the perfume and beauty industry where members are able to get the info they need, and communicate with other members freely, without purchasing In-Mail™ or asking for permission. Members will not have a profile search limit or limited access to member info. It is an ambitious project and it will be done in steps. Mid-September, we will launch the beta version of beautynavigator.com with a directory of 1,300 perfume & beauty buyers (purchasing for 48,000+ doors in the U.S.). Around November we will add duty free operators/distributors. During December of this year we will add the directory of perfume and beauty marketers worldwide (manufacturers, distributors, agent and wholesalers). Finally in early 2017 we will add the fragrance and packaging sector of the industry. Registration is free and early bird directory signup is $25/year (about a nickel a day).


How do you get new leads and convert them into possible clients? You can use the Yellow Pages and other directory such as Manta, Info USA, and D&B for the most well-known industries but have you tried searching for perfume and beauty retailers in USA? (I bet you will find a lot of Avon or Mary Kay reps but only a few perfumeries as the NAICS-based system of most census & directories is very outdated.


In the late 90’s we published a bi-monthly trade magazine called perfume 2000 which was sent to 10k industry members including 5k+ stores. Obviously many stores have since closed and others have opened but we had the chance to update our retailer database in 2009 for PXA, and then again in 2014 to boost our LinkedIn and Facebook groups. While conducting data mining recently, we found that, while slightly outdated, this database is more complete and accurate than any other on the market. We have also already started updating it on a daily basis. Another major Beauty Navigator advantage is that we already had our own hosting servers, programmers, web designers and marketing team to create the platform, maintain it and sell it without a huge investment allowing us to offer industry members full access for only $25/year (about a nickel a day).



If you ever have purchased or rented list even from the best vendors, you know that your list is classified by NAICS/SIC codes determined by the census bureau and at start they all come from the same database incremented periodically by the YP. This is fine but looking for a perfume retailer you will go from Wholesalers to manufactures, suppliers to probably an Avon lady or Mary Cay rep. Then who you sale your perfumes to (This of course is valid also for cosmetics and beauty). Retailers in our list are handpicked either because they subscribed to our magazine, B2B, tradeshow or one of our groups or simply because we have sold them perfume in the past.


Save time because instead of purchasing a list from the vendors mentioned above and figure out how NAICS/SIC codes works it will take you 5 minutes to register in Beautynavigator.com, sign up for the directory and search in plain English what you need.
About saving money, the cost for the full year unlimited directory access is $25 a fraction of the price asked by the vendors we have mentioned before. We have called them and $25 will give you approximatively 30-50 industry leads only.


When registering on Beautynavigator gives you access to the directory for a fee using the online community features are absolutely free so you can have your business profile and gain exposure to your products to other members and solicitations are not only permitted but recommended.


Many of our team members have spent a large portion of their career working in the perfume and beauty industry so you will have access to others services at a discounted prices like introduction to buyers or suppliers, tactical marketing plans, SEO, SMO, website redesign, data mining, business intelligence, custom list (worldwide, beauty and perfume distributors etc..) email campaigns etc..


Beautynavigator.com is a joint venture project in between Pommier llc. (www.pommierllc.com) a beauty consulting company located in Miami Beach and Quick Social LLC. (www.quicksocial.us) a web development company located in Tampa bay Florida. Quick Social LLC. Will build, maintain and host the Beauty Navigator online community at its 25 years partner’s hosting facility.Beautynavigator online community concept by onlinecommunity.info.